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Episode 7

I Don’t Just Panic At The Disco

4th August 2017 iTunes SoundCloud

Seven episodes in and its time for us to get to know MTH's very own Eli. Not only has she been guiding Damian and Davey through the perils of making this show, she has also had her own mental health issues to deal with. After making some brave choices, Eli decides to share her history of panic attacks. Proving once again that sometimes just talking about something can help you start to recover and soon it all turns to laughter and love. Our three hosts help each other once again with their honest humour and words.

Episode 6

The One with the Friends

28th June 2017 iTunes SoundCloud

So what's it like to be in your mate's corner as they battle their mental health?Davey and Damian sit down and ask their best mates Simon and Ruairi just how it's been for them. It's a talk that surprises all involved as they learn just how deeply someone mental illness can affect those around you too. As Damian likes to say...Men Cry Too.

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About MenTalkHealth

Just how honest can two men be? With a colourful history of mental health issues between them, join Davey, Damian and their friends on a journey to find humour in some of their darkest moments and try to get men talking about their own mental health.


Davey, a snowboarding, shirt lifting, media worker in his 30s, has spent the last eight years trying to manage his diagnosis of depression and (eventually) anxiety. With ups and many downs along the way, his need to name, shame and share his demons led him to start this podcast to encourage men to talk about their mental health.


Damian is 25 year old mental health nursing student and part time bar man from Derry in Ireland. He has a longstanding diagnoses of depression and anxiety; and as of December 2016- Tourette Syndrome and OCD. A familiar face, Damian has been on TV shows talking about his mental illness and Tourettes including First Dates on Channel 4.