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The Gender Games

11th September 2018

With their recent nomination for The National Diversity Awards for their work with gender, Davey and Damian take a moment to reflect on society's obsession with gender roles. With men being told to man up, gay men to be more “Masc” and boys fearful of being called ‘girly’, who better to help Davey & Damian explore these muddy waters then the author of The Gender Games herself, the wonderful, Juno Dawson. Through some hilarious confessions and brutal honesty, they learn just why destructive ideas of gender roles damages EVERYONE'S mental health, regardless of what we have between our legs.

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Anxious About Being Anxious

19th August 2018

It’s been a time of upheaval for our talkative team. MenTalkHealth’s Davey & Eli both find themselves living north of the border in their old home of Glasgow. New starts bring new challenges with their mental health journeys but with Damian away travelling the world, another Celt steps in to laugh and talk about the challenges of relocating back home. Sean McGugan joins our remaining pair as they go on a conversational odyssey that cover’s Anxiety Shakes, Damian’s Penis Monologues and touch of IBS before taking a moment to reflect on the impact MenTalkHealth has had since it started.

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MenTalkHealth Presents The Mind Out Special

17th May 2018

MenTalkHealth is proud to be an active part of the LGBTQ+ community and so we were honoured to be invited to record a brilliant episode with some of the users of the important services offered by MindOut. MindOut work to improve the mental health and wellbeing of LGBTQ communities and to make mental health a community concern. Goals shared by us here at MenTalkHealth. With guest host Spice and three fabulous guests- Kerri, Ben and Ed-who share and laugh about their experiences and support they have received from MindOut.

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Meet the guys


Davey, a snowboarding, shirt lifting, media worker in his 30s, has spent the last eight years trying to manage his diagnosis of depression and (eventually) anxiety. With ups and many downs along the way, his need to name, shame and share his demons led him to start this podcast to encourage men to talk about their mental health.


Damian is a mental health nurse from Derry in Ireland. He has a longstanding diagnoses of depression and anxiety; and as of December 2016- Tourette Syndrome and OCD. A familiar face, Damian has been on TV shows talking about his mental illness and Tourettes including First Dates on Channel 4.


The kind of person who will talk politics on the first date, Eli is a Media
bad-ass-about-town with her own history linked to mental health. With a successful career producing some of the most opinionated people on TV, she is passionate about getting the voices of the under represented heard and found herself linked to Davey and Damian’s cause.

What People Are Saying

Davey and Damian smash into a topic many tiptoe around. They tackle the subject with humour, bonhomie and unashamed honesty, whilst never downplaying how serious the impact of mental illness can be on someone’s life. A great listen.

Support in Mind, Scotland

For too long, men have kept quiet about mental health preferring to bottle up their issues rather than talk about them. What Davey and Damian do is create a safe space to put our problems under a microscope, and they do so with good humour, quick wit and without taking themselves too seriously. We could all learn something from them.

See Me, Scotland

MenTalkHealth came into the National Theatre to speak as part of Mental Health Awareness Week and they shared their personal experiences both in and out of work in a really engaging, honest and insightful way. It was brilliant to hear men talking so openly about mental health and they’ve inspired several of our male employees to open up and talk about their own mental health which has been brilliant.

National Theatre, London

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