My name is Christian Fleming, and I am the current and first Chair of MenTalkHealth as a charity.

But in my fulltime job, I am the Managing Director of Sussex based Northstar IT, an outsourced IT support service for business.

We’re a keen supporter and sponsor of MenTalkHealth and I’ve been running and growing the business for over 23 years.

Outside of work, I love cycling which has been an amazing game changer for my own mental and physical health but I also love travel. Obviously now international travel is returning to some sense of ‘normal’ I have been playing catch up with several trips to my favourite country to travel to, the USA!

Working with MenTalkHealth has been a life changing experience for me. As part of my trustee role, I was the beneficiary of attending the Mental Health First Aid training at the end of 2019. This has not only taught me important life skills to take better care of myself but has already aided me in supporting friends in need too. The course was 2 days, and for me I would say was most likely the best 2 days I have invested in myself in my entire life. It truly is priceless and I am confident I would not be thriving as I am now, without having done that training. I’ve so far supported 2 of my team to also become Mental Health First Aiders and it is my ambition to have my entire team trained up. I truly believe the more people who can be armed with these skills, will make a life changing difference to them, and those around them.

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