What do we do?

MenTalkHealth is a registered charity that supports men in the LGBTQ+ community to talk about their mental health and help them understand that it’s okay to not be okay.

We work across the South Coast of England (Bournemouth to Eastbourne) attending events and holding accredited mental health first aid training.

In fact, we are incredibly proud that as a charity we provide mental health first aid training for free or at a discounted fee to other LGBTQ+ or non-LGBTQ+ charities and local community organisations (dependant on income).

We feel that arming individuals with the tools to support themselves and those around them with their mental health can be of huge benefit.

We also produce a podcast that uses the platform to discuss mental health and we engage regularly on social media and our website.

MenTalkHealth has been a registered charity for a short time (2018) and as we lay our foundations, we are proud of what we are building, and we look forward to supporting our LGBTQ+ community and tackling the stigma of mental health.

Ways you can help
Members of MenTalkHealth at Brighton Pride

Why do we do this?

Rates of suicide are much higher in men than in women, and men are less likely to have reached out to mental health services, or friends and family, before taking their own life. There are many factors to consider, but MenTalkHealth believes the expectation and stereotypes of masculinity – what society dictates what it means to be a “man” – plays a huge part in these numbers. Men and those who identify as men in the LGBTQ+ community not only have to manage these expectations but they also have to cope with homophobia, transphobia and much more.

Challenging these expectations of what a man should be, while encouraging conversations earlier means men might reach out for support before crisis.

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