A statement from our founder Davey.

In 2016, I started a podcast with my friends about my own experience of struggling with thoughts of suicide. MenTalkHealth turned from a podcast into a charity trying to help the community. More importantly to me, MTH probably saved my life.

I was always hoping there would get to a point where I wouldn’t need MTH for my own needs and it could flourish as its own thing without my story being at the core of what we do.

Over the past couple of years, I stepped away from telling my story having reached a point in my recovery where I no longer felt the need to share everything about my life. I enjoyed trying to find ways to use MTH to help other people and tell others stories about mental health whilst growing my own work outside of the charity but it had been a challenging balancing act, and so I am sad to say that I am stepping away fully from MenTalkHealth and will no longer be involved in it’s running or direction.

Because of its success, MTH needs someone’s full attention to build on our earlier success. New blood, new stories, new energy and new skills that can really take MenTalkHealth further. I, personally, cannot wait to see what is in MTH’s future.

Leaving was not an easy decision. I hoped MenTalkHealth would always be a part of me, my lasting legacy perhaps, but I will always be grateful for the path it put me on and will still be working to support those struggling in different projects that fulfil me. I’ve worked hard to get to the great place I am in, and importantly, I’m prioritising my own positive mental health by stepping away to give myself the space to focus new projects.

I want to thank everyone who helped and supported and me in creating MenTalkHealth. Especially, Eli, Damian, Christian, Peter, Scott and Keith who all gave up their time when I was inexperienced, still recovering and unsure how to make any of this happen. Also want thank and wish well the current MTH team as they take on this new future.

To all of you have listened to show and followed our work, you have all been so inspiring and hope you will continue to support MenTalkHealth as it starts this new phase without me.

MenTalkHealth saved my life. I’m still here because I talked about how I was feeling. It was my story and it somehow it helped others. But it is now time for someone else’s story.

Keep talking.

With love,


A statement from our Chair

Where could I start? This entire journey, including my own with MTH would not have been possible without Davey’s determination to share his most sensitive, personal and yet influential message. One that a famous TV add from my childhood promoted “it’s good to talk”, but specifically in this case, about men’s mental health.

What started with some friends getting together and recording a podcast, has with Davey’s dream now grown into a new charity with a dream to build on his legacy.

As part of this dream, it has resulted in a number of people being trained as mental health first aiders, including myself and some of my work colleagues. I know that training has benefited not only some of my friends, but someone I never thought would need it. Me! So thank you Davey, you really have made a huge difference to me and those around you.

But there comes a time when everyone has to fly the nest and hand the mantle to someone else. Davey has said he’s in a vastly different place thankfully from where this all started, and I am happy to see with a blossoming career too! A positive message on all fronts.

There is a new chapter forming for MTH, but one where there will be new people to share their stories, and with new people involved too.

So, it falls to me to wish Davey the best for the future and thank you for all your support and hard work to get us here. Here’s to the journey my friend.


Chair of MenTalkHealth.

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