At MenTalkHealth we want to get men talking about mental health and we work hard to fight the stigma that prevents them. But for every person who starts to speak about how they are really doing, there has to be someone who knows how to listen.

Talking about mental health is nothing with out the ability to listen actively to those who are struggling.

So we want everyone to do Mental Health Awareness Training to have to confidence to create change, to challenge stigma and listen to those who might be struggling all to save lives.

For people wanting to learn how to better support individuals who are struggling and build their confidence in how to assist we can deliver MHFA England’s Mental Health First Aid.

“The Mental Health First Aid training was really well paced, informative and gave us really clear messages but the priority of the whole course was how help yourself to be in the right position to be able to offer support and use the skills learnt in the training to better approach someone who might be struggling and be calm and empathetic and accept the person in front of you. It reminded the importance of listening.”

For Managers, Leaders, and Employees looking to create mental healthier workplace that actively supports good mental health, we deliver I-ACT Training.

“The i-act training has given us easy-to follow tools and techniques to help in assessing and improving our wellbeing at work. It has also given us a greater understanding and a first-response approach for supporting someone else who may be in distress due to a mental health or wellbeing issue.”

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