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If someone with you had an accident, we reckon you’d have a pretty good idea how to respond. You probably wouldn’t be standing around waiting to be asked or staring determinedly into your pint either.

Mental health issues can also affect anyone, at any time. As with physical first aid, there are simple skills you can learn in order to step in and help. Better still, with mental health there are often early warning signs. When we know how to spot these – and how to challenge the stigma that stops people from seeking support – we can act to prevent mental health difficulties from emerging in the first place.

We started MenTalkHealth because we have lived experience of mental health issues and being in crisis – and we know the power of peer support. We want everybody to have the confidence to help someone with mental health issues, whether that’s a friend, a family member, someone in your community – or yourself.

That’s why we now offer this Mental Health First Aider training.

It’s an internationally recognised course taught in 25 countries around the world. But we’ll deliver it with lived experience, and all the warmth, honesty and humour of our much-loved MenTalkHealth podcast – and we can tailor it to the particular needs of your workplace or community group, too.

  • You’ll learn how to listen, reassure and respond to someone who is experiencing mental health issues, even in a crisis.
  • You’ll get clued up about how to spot warning signs, approach and support someone, and keep yourself safe at the same time.
  • You’ll gain an understanding of what helps with different mental health experiences, including stress, anxiety, depression, substance misuse, eating disorders, self-harm, suicidal feelings, personality disorders and psychosis.
  • You’ll find out about all the “what next?” options, including how to access services and self-help resources.

By becoming an accredited Mental Health First Aider, you can make sure you’re ready to respond and really ‘be there’ when someone in your life experiences mental health issues.

You’ll also be helping MenTalkHealth to talk away stigma, get supportive conversations going – and ultimately help more men open up about mental health.

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