Episode 30 is now live!

EP 30 – Weirdo

The MenTalkHealth Podcast is back and now it’s time to hear stories about YOUR mental health.

In our return, join Davey and our new host, the wonderful, Keith Winestein as we chat with Brad Rumble, otherwise known as the Grum Reapur who has been working the Princes Trust. Brad gets to heart of the matter when it comes to men and mental health. Shame. We are shamed for showing emotion. Join us for an important lesson in why Brad, like many of us, is to proud to be a “Weirdo” and how it makes him a kinder, better person.


How did the podcast begin?

As two men with a long friendship and a colourful history of mental health between them, Davey & his pal Damian knew that talking – and laughing at themselves – could be lifesaving.

The MenTalkHealth podcast started in 2016 as a way for Davey to open up about his struggles with his poor mental health and experiences around suicide. It led to two men and their friends and guests to open up to each other, finding hope and humour in their darkest moments, and encouraging other men to do the same. Now MenTalkHealth has become a Charity and this podcast invites new guests to tell their stories, as we step up our mission to help more men open up about mental health.

Along the way women too will be working with us to encourage men to open up and talk. We want to get men talking about mental health for the benefit of all. You don’t have to have mental health issues, or identify as a man, to enjoy the podcasts.

But if you do, then perhaps something you hear will help you just that little bit and maybe it will inspire you to open up to your own friends, your GP, or one of the many brilliant services that are out there to support men’s mental health.

To find out more about who we are, what we do and how it all started, visit our About us / contact section.

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