Davey & Keith

Coming 8th October is the All New MenTalkHealth Podcast.

Joining our very own Davey Shields, will be the irrepressible Keith Winestein!

Keith has rich history in challenging mental health related stigma and discrimination with the national Time to Change campaign.

He worked tirelessly challenging mental health stigma encouraging people with lived experience to speak out about mental health issues in workplaces, schools and at public engagement events across England.

“At Time to Change I did not need to ‘give a voice’ to people with lived experience (they already had them) but I did want to ‘amplify their voices’ when I developed the Champions of Time to Change Podcast. Ironically, I took inspiration from the MenTalkHealth podcast and got help from Damian and Davey when I was starting out, so it is a real privilege to be a new host on this podcast series”.

Our monthly episodes will be back, starting with our first on 8th October, where Davey and Keith get to chat to the creative Brad Rumple AKA the Grum Reapur

Brad is passionate about sharing his own story and embracing his self-proclaimed ‘weirdo’ status. An artist who runs a huge Facebook Mental Health Group he also works with the Princes’ Trust which has helped him in his own recovery.

Check it out whatever you get your podcasts 8th October

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